Number of vehicle wrecks stable

There are some 7.4 motor vehicles on Dutch roads. As new cars are produced and come into use, others are therefore withdrawn from the total Dutch fleet. In 2001 around 323 thousand vehicles were taken off the roads and ended up in dismantling yards in the Netherlands; another 177 thousand vehicles were exported to other countries, mostly in eastern Europe.

Removal from total motor vehicle fleet

The total withdrawal of vehicles from the overall vehicle fleet was eight percent higher in 2001 than in 2000. A substantial increase in exports accounted for this increase. The number of vehicles ending up at the dismantlers’ remained at the same level.

Most cars dismantled in North-Holland

Nearly two-thirds of vehicles are disassembled in the provinces North and South Holland, Gelderland and North-Brabant. For years now North Holland is the province where most cars are disassembled.

Age of vehicle wrecks

Vehicles written off in fourteen years

Both cars and commercial vehicles are written off from fourteen years of age onwards. Cars are used for an average 13.6 years before they end up in the wreckers’ yards, while commercial vehicles are dismantled after an average 13.2 years of use.

René Jolly