Most used motorbikes imported from Germany

The number of motorcycles in the Netherlands is growing continuously. Ten years ago there were 227 thousand, today this figures has more than doubled to 461 thousand. Many second-hand motorcycles, especially those with larger cylinder capacities, are imported.

More powerful machines increasingly popular

In the last ten years there has been a noticeable shift towards larger cylinder capacities. Machines with more than one litre accounted for less than twelve percent of the motorcycle fleet in 1992; their share has now risen to 17.5 percent, among which more than 43 thousand bikes with a capacity of over 1,125 cc.

Second-hand bikes popular choice

Not everyone digs deep into their pockets to buy a new motorbike. A substantial part of the price of a new motorcycle is tax (car and motorcycle tax). Partly for this reason many bikers buy a fairly new used machine. To be able to meet this demand a large number of used motorcycles are imported, mostly from Germany.

Mainly more powerful motorcycles imported

The imports of second-hand motorcycles are reflected in the increasing number of older machines. The number of motorcycles manufactured in 1996, for example, has been increasing in the last few years. These are mainly motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of at least 500 cc. Machines with smaller engines are less in demand.

Motorcycles manufactured in 1996, on 1 January

Wanted: 1994 models

For the more powerful motorcycles the cost price is an important consideration for importers. Only after eight years are motorcycles no longer liable to car and motorcycle tax. In 2002, therefore, the number of machines manufactured in 1994 is increasing fastest, especially those with 750 to 1,000 cc engines. But in the most powerful category, too, a substantial increase in noticeable.

Motorcycles manufactured in 1994, on 1 January

Ed van Gelder