Wedding peaks on 2, 20 and 22 February 2002

When choosing a wedding date, the date itself plays a part for some couples. There were three 'special' dates in February 2002: 2 February (2-2-2002), 20 February (20-02-2002) and 22 February (22-2-2002). Significantly more couples got married on these dates than on other days in February.

Marriages on special dates, February 2002

Provisional figures from Statistics Netherlands reveal that 258 couple got married on Saturday 2 February. In recent years an average 58 couple got married on a Saturday early in February. Wednesday 20 February 2002 was the most popular day to get married: no fewer than 741 couples tied the knot, compared with an average 120 on a normal mid-February Wednesday. Friday 22 February, too, was a popular wedding day. Although Friday is usually a popular day for weddings, on 22 February there were significantly more than on other Fridays in February: 641 couples got married on 22-2-02, compared with an average 317 for a normal Friday in February.

On St. Valentine's day, too, Thursday 14 February, more marriages than average took place. 319 couples got married compared with 140 on an average Thursday. St. Valentine's day is always a popular day for getting married, with more than 300 weddings in recent years.

Joop de Beer