Manufacturers' selling prices unchanged in January

Prices of Dutch manufactured products were around the same level in January 2002 as in December 2001. Prices for the domestic market were 0.1 percent higher in January, while export prices fell by 0.1 percent. Selling prices fell in both the third and the fourth quarters of 2001.

Compared with one year previously prices of Dutch manufactured products were 3.6 percent lower in January 2002. Domestic prices fell by an average of 2.6 percent, export products were 4.3 percent cheaper.

Producers’ prices and intermediate consumption

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Prices of intermediate consumption slightly lower

The prices of raw materials and semi-manufactured products used by the manufacturing industry were on average 0.5 percent lower in January this year than in December last year. The prices of domestic raw materials and semi-manufactures fell by 2.4 percent in this period, while those from overseas cost 1.2 percent more.

Compared with January 2001 intermediate consumption was 5.9 percent cheaper. This decrease was split evenly between raw materials and semi-manufactures from home and those from abroad.

Paul Luyten