More than a third of over 75s licensed to drive

Three-quarters of the Dutch population aged 18 and older have a driving licence. The permits are not distributed evenly among the population: relatively still more men than women have a driving licence and fewer people aged over 65 drive, although one third of over 75s still have a license.

Men and women with a driving licence, by age, 2000

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Driving licence

Women are gradually catching men up as far as driving licenses are concerned. The difference is largest for the over 75s. Over than sixty percent of men in this age group have a licence, more than three time the percentage of women of the same ages. In the age group 65 to 75 years 1.9 times as many men as women have a driving licence. In the group 40 to 65 year-olds 1.2 times as many men as women and for people aged under forty the difference has almost disappeared.

Hermine Molnár- In ’t Veld