Substantial increase in number of vans

Over the last five years the number of vans increased by 44% to a total of more than 750 thousand. The number of small vans skyrocketed.

Small vans, huge numbers

In five years time the number of vans with a loading capacity of between six and eight hundred kilograms increased by 250%. There was a 75% increase in the number of vans with a capacity between eight hundred and a thousand kilograms. Together these categories make up almost half of the total number of vans. In 1986 about 40% of all vans had a loading capacity of less than six hundred kilograms. This percentage is currently down to 25%.

Increase in vans by capacity

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There is also a remarkable shift in the choice of powering the vans. Fifteen years ago the number of diesel-powered vans was about the same as the number running on petrol. Currently 9 out of 10 vans run on diesel.

Ed. van Gelder