Goods transport by sea increasing

In 2000 sea-going vessels loaded and unloaded nearly 425 million tonnes of goods in Dutch ports, 7% more than in 1999. The 325 million tonnes of goods unloaded in the ports accounted for about three quarters of the total. Just under 100 million tonnes of goods were loaded on to ships.

Three-quarters of all goods arriving in or leaving the Netherlands by sea are loaded and unloaded in the port of Rotterdam. Another 10% pass through the port of Amsterdam and 5% go via IJmuiden.

Goods transport by sea, by port

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Crude petroleum accounts for about 30% of unloaded goods. In 2000, 100 million tonnes of crude petroleum arrived in Dutch ports. A further 30 million tonnes of petroleum products also arrived in the ports.

Ore was the second largest cargo: nearly 50 million tonnes were unloaded last year. Nearly 40 million tonnes of solid fuel, such as coal, also arrived in Dutch ports. All other goods together accounted for one third of unloaded goods.

Goods unloaded in Dutch sea ports, 2000

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Huub Coninx