More vehicle wrecks dismantled

In 2000 vehicle dismantling businesses in the Netherlands stripped more than 310,000 cars, nearly 15% more than in 1999. In addition they dismantled more than 15,000 vans and over 2,000 other commercial vehicles, which include lorries, tractors and buses.

Last year a total of nearly 330,000 wrecks were supplied for dismantling, excluding cars imported to be stripped in the Netherlands. The combined weight of these wrecks was 305 000 tonnes.

Part of the growth in the number of dismantled cars was caused by the increasing number of vehicles in the Netherlands. Also, since 1997, fewer second-hand cars are exported.

Vehicle wrecks to be dismantled (excl. imports)

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Wrecker’s yards in North Holland dismantle most vehicles. One in six wrecks are stripped in this province. In the provinces of South Holland, North Brabant and Gelderland, too, relatively many wrecks are dismantled.

René Jolly

For more figures on vehicle wrecks, visit Statline (Dutch only)