Motorcycles most popular in Drenthe

In the province of Drenthe, 35 motorcycles are registered for every thousand inhabitants, putting this province in the lead as far as motorcycles density in the Netherlands is concerned.

The lowest density is in South-Holland, where there are only 21 motorcycles per thousand inhabitants. In the provinces of Utrecht, North-Holland and Flevoland the density is also below average.

Across the whole of the Netherlands there are 27 motorcycles per thousand inhabitants on average. On 1 January this year 440,000 motorcycles were registered in the country.

Motor cycles per province, 1 January 2001

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Motorbikes most popular among people in their thirties and forties

Most motorcycles are owned by people in their thirties and forties. Out every thousand people in their thirties, 62 have a motorbike, while for people in their forties this number is 53.

Considerably fewer people in their twenties than those in their thirties have a motorcycle, while for people in their fifties the number is about the national average.

Motor cycles by owner’s age, 1 January 2001

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Middle-aged: more power

Not only are middle-aged people most likely to own a motorcycle, they also have more powerful machines. Of all owners aged between 40 and 60 years one in five has a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of more than 1000 cc. In the other age classes, one in ten persons has such a powerful bike. About half of motorbikes owned by someone aged over 65 has a cylinder capacity of less than 500 cc.

Ownership of motorcycles by cylinder capacity, 1 January 2001

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Huub Coninx