Exports of animal products worth over 11 billion euro

Dutch imports and exports of animal products reached a new record value in 2000. Import values were 10.5% up on 1999 at 4.9 billion euro, while export value increased by even more: 17% to 11.1 billion euro in the same period. Exports of dairy products and eggs increased particularly strongly.

The livestock industry is an important contributor to the Dutch trade surplus of nearly 16 billion euro.

The trade surplus of meat, dairy products and live animals is 6.4 billion euro.

Imports of live animals

The import value of live animals rose by 8% in 2000 compared with 1999. At over half a billion euro, the total import value is higher than it has been in the last five years. About 45% of this trade in live animals comes from Germany, while 30% comes from Belgium. France and the United Kingdom, which are currently suffering the effects of foot and mouth disease, each account for 5% of this trade.

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Export value animal products

The export value of live animals is recovering after the effects of the swine fever outbreak. The export value of meat and meat products rose by 15% to nearly 5.5 billion euro in 2000. Exports of dairy products and eggs rose even more strongly, by 18%. In 2000, 4.9 billion euro worth of dairy products was sold overseas.

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Import value of animal products

Imports of animal products were worth nearly half a billion euro more than in 1999. Imports of meat and meat products rose particularly strongly, by 13.6%. With a 9% increase, dairy imports rose less quickly. Nearly 90% of imported animal products come from EU countries.

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Cor Pierik