Growth in investment-based insurance past its peak

Insurance companies booked 7.1 billion euro turnover from new life insurance policies in 2000. Investment-based policies accounted for nearly 48% of this turnover. In 1997 this was still only 35%. The rapid growth in the share of investment-based policies seems to have stopped last year. In 1999 they accounted for just over 48% of turnover in new life policies.

Premium turnover for new individual life insurance policies

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Last year, investment–based insurance policies accounted for 15% more premiums than in 1999, while premiums for cash-based policies rose by just over 17%.

This seems to be a sign that consumers are returning to cash-based policies, which guarantee a certain return on the savings premiums. For these products, it is the insurance company that takes the investment risk, but also profits from any higher yields.

André Michel