Author: Bo Hoogerwerf, Chantal Blom, Roel Delahaye

Circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals

About this publication

The SDGs are internationally agreed sustainability indicators that relate to various policy areas. Another policy area that is receiving increasing attention in the Netherlands is the transition to a circular economy. In both the European Green Deal and the new Dutch coalition agreement, the circular economy is mentioned as an important means of achieving climate objectives. Climate objectives are also part of the SDGs.

By using the circular economy as a means to achieve climate goals, CE also contributes to the SDG goals. In particular for SDGs related to energy, production, consumption and waste. In addition, there are also interfaces with other SDG goals, such as SDG 3 'Good health and well-being' and SDG 15 'Life on land'.

Because different policies focus on both the SDGs and the circular economy, information about how these different perspectives can influence each other positively or negatively is becoming increasingly important. The results of a study into this are published by Statistics Netherlands in this report.