Caribbean Netherlands, Bonaire; Cruise passengers

Caribbean Netherlands, Bonaire; Cruise passengers

Periods Cruise passengers (x 1 000)
2021 January* 0.0
2021 February* 0.0
2021 March* 0.0
2021 April 0.0
2021 May* 0.0
2021 June* 0.0
2021 July* 0.0
2021 August* 0.0
2021 September* 2.1
2021 October* 2.4
2021 November* 17.5
2021 December* 34.6
2021* 56.6
Source: CBS.
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Dataset is not available.

This table contains the numbers of passengers (excluding crew members) arriving by cruise ship on Bonaire. The figures published here are entirely based on available registers, i.e. the accuracy of these figures depends on the quality of the registers and Statistics Netherlands has conducted numerous plausibility checks on these registers, for example by establishing mutual links among these registers.

Data available from: January 2012

Status of the figures:
The figures over 2012 to 2020 are final. The figures over 2021 are provisional.

Changes as of 1 March 2022:
The provisional figures over October to December 2021 and the year 2021 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures will be published within three months after expiration of the period available.

Description topics

Cruise passengers
Cruise tourism:
Cruise tourism is a type of tourism (outside their usual environment), where people spend for their pleasure at least one night on a ship during (a part of) their trip. The cruise ship calls at more than two ports on a set schedule during the entire cruise. If the ship only sails back and forth between two ports, it is a ferry. The cruise can take place both at sea and in inland waters.

Cruise passenger:
A cruise passenger is a visitor (tourist) who makes part or all of his or her journey on a cruise ship (see definition of cruise tourism).