Deaths; murder and manslaughter, crime scene in The Netherlands

Deaths; murder and manslaughter, crime scene in The Netherlands

Sex Characteristics Periods Victims murder, manslaughter (number) Victims murder, manslaughter, relative (Per mln of the average population)
Total male and female Location: for trade and services 2022 14
Male Location: for trade and services 2022 13
Female Location: for trade and services 2022 1
Source: CBS.
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This table contains the number of persons died as a result of murder or manslaughter, where the crime scene is located in the Netherlands. The victims can be residents or non-residents of the Netherlands. The data can be split by location of the crime, method, age and sex. The criterion is the date of death, the date of the criminal act can be in the previous year.
Since 2013 Statistics Netherlands is using Iris for automatic coding for causes of death. This improved the international comparison of the data. The change in coding did cause a considerable shift in the statistics. Since 2013 the (yearly) ICD-10 updates are applied. However for murder and manslaughter no changes in coding have taken place.
The ICD-10 codes that belong to murder and manslaughter are X85-Y09.

Data available from: 1996

Status of the figures:
The figures up to and including 2022 are final.

Changes as of January 25th 2024:
The final figures for 2022 have been added.

When will new figures be published:
In the third quarter of 2024 the provisional figures for 2023 will be published.

Description topics

Victims murder, manslaughter
Murder: taking somebody's life, intentionally and premeditated.
Manslaughter: taking somebody's life, intentionally not premeditated.
This table does not distinguish between murder and manslaughter.
Victims murder, manslaughter, relative
Per 1 000 000 of the average population in the according populationgroup of that year.