Local intergovernmental organisations; revenues and expenditures by tasks

Local intergovernmental organisations; revenues and expenditures by tasks

Local intergov. organisations tasks Periods Expenditures (million euros)
Total local intergov.organisations tasks 2021* 13,575
Total civil administration and civil s.. 2021* 2,861
Administration and civil affairs 2021* 118
Overhead 2021* 2,109
Taxes 2021* 144
General payments and other payments Ge.. 2021* 2
Other civil administration and civil s.. 2021* 143
Deposit into/withdrawal from reserves 2021* 183
Balance of the accounts 2021* 160
Total public safety 2021* 1,234
Public safety 2021* 1,234
Total traffic, transportation and wate.. 2021* 1,440
Traffic and parking 2021* 263
Ports and waterways 2021* 43
Public transport 2021* 1,134
Total economy 2021* 210
Economic policy and support 2021* 86
Physical business infrastructure 2021* 125
Total education 2021* 59
Education excluding accommodation 2021* 56
Educational accommodation 2021* 2
Total sports, culture and recreation 2021* 211
Sports policy and activation policy 2021* 1
Sports accommodations 2021* 6
Cultural presentation, production and .. 2021* 5
Museums 2021* 63
Cultural heritage 2021* 2
Media 2021* 0
Public parks and (open-air) recreation 2021* 134
Total social welfare 2021* 4,194
General provisions including district .. 2021* 103
Income arrangements 2021* 1,140
Participation 2021* 1,886
Individual provision of employment 2021* 27
Individual services 18+ 2021* 301
Individual services 18- 2021* 479
Escalated care 18+ 2021* 71
Escalated care 18- 2021* 186
Total public health and environment 2021* 3,193
Public health 2021* 2,364
Sewerage 2021* 14
Waste 2021* 336
Environmental protection and cemeteries 2021* 479
Total public housing, urban planning a.. 2021* 173
Land exploitation (non-business areas) 2021* 37
Urban planning, public housing and con.. 2021* 136
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on balance sheet items from local intergovernmental organisations in millions of euros. The figures presented in the table are based on balance sheet positions that are in line with the definitions and classifications used by the local intergovernmental organisations themselves in their administration and are presented at year-end. This data is supplied to Statistics Netherlands via the survey 'Informatie voor derden' (Iv3). The requirements for this survey are laid down in the 'Besluit Begroting en Verantwoording' (BBV).

The description of the tasks is laid down in the Directive for Budgeting and Accounting for provinces and municipalities (BBV), in the subsection called Information for third parties (Iv3). This description also applies to intergovernmental organisations, some tasks do not or only partially apply to intergovernmental organisations. In those cases where the word municipalities is mentioned in the description, this can be read as intergovernmental organisations.

Data available from: 2018

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are provisional at the time of first publication.
The figures become definitive when figures for the following year are added to the series.

Changes as of 20 December 2022:
The provisional figures for 2021 have been added.
The figures for 2020 have been adjusted from provisional to definite.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures from the local intergovernmental organisations accounts are published no later than 12 months after the reporting period.
The figures can be adjusted on the basis of the availability of new or updated source material. In general, the adjustments are small. The adjustments are made the moment a new annual figure is added to the series.

Description topics

The expenditures of the local intergovernmental organisations in million of euros.

The expenditures include wages and salaries paid, interest charges, purchase of (non) durable goods and services (including energy costs and costs of hiring staff) and paid income transfers, paid investment contributions to governments and third parties and the land purchases.
Expenses are recorded including internal settlements (including depreciation, deposits in reserves and provisions).