Electricity balance sheet; supply and consumption

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This table shows the supply of electricity. Consumption of electricity is calculated from the supply variables. The supply of electricity primarily includes production plus imports minus exports. The majority of the electricity produced is supplied to the public electricity grid by, for example, power stations and wind turbines. A smaller part is generated by companies themselves for the benefit of their own business processes. For example, many greenhouse companies generate their own electricity for the lighting of their greenhouses.

The net production is determined as gross production minus the own consumption of electricity. Own consumption is the amount of electricity that a producer or installation consumes during electricity production. The net production is broken down in this table into the following energy sources from which the electricity is produced: nuclear energy, coal, petroleum products, natural gas, biomass, other fuels (non-renewable), hydro power, wind energy, solar photovoltaic and other sources.

Imports and exports are further broken down by country of origin or destination.

The total net consumption of electricity in the Netherlands is calculated as the net production plus imports minus exports and distribution losses.

Data available:
From 1936 per year and from 1976 per month only the total production, imports and exports are known.
Full data per month is available from 2015.

Status of the figures:
- All figures up to and including reporting year 2021 are definite.
- Figures for 2022 and 2023 are revised provisional.
- Figures for 2024 are provisional.

Changes as of June 7th 2024:
Revised provisional figures for 2023 have been added.

Changes as of May 31st 2024:
Figures for March 2024 have been added.

Changes as of November 14th 2023:
Figures of 2015-2020 have been revised. The revisions relate to the introduction of an improved analysis method in 2022, which has been carried back to 2015. The most remarkable diffrences are in 2018. In this year the relative difference on a monthly basis are up to 15%. However, on a yearly basis the numbers remains constant.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: the second month after the end of the reporting period.
Revised provisional figures: June of the year following the reporting year.
Definite figures: not later than November of the second following year.

Description topics

Net production
The total amount of electricity generated in the Netherlands minus the own consumption of the installations with which the electricity was produced.
Nuclear energy
Energy released by nuclear fusion.

The energy is used to heat water, which is transformed into high pressure steam. This is used to generate electricity through a steam turbine.
Wind energy
Wind energy, total
Energy produced with wind turbines

Wind turbines can be placed on land, inland waters and off shore.

Off shore is more expensive. However, there is more wind at sea. In addition, placing off shore wind turbines is often considered less problematic from the landscape point of view.
Wind energy on shore
Wind energy on shore and inland waters.
Wind energy off shore
Energy produced with off shore wind turbines.

Off shore electricity production from wind energy started in the autumn of 2006.