Listed monuments and historic buildings; region 2018 2013-2018

Listed monuments and historic buildings; region 2018 2013-2018

Type of monument Regions Periods Listed monuments and historic buildings (number)
Listed monuments total Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 8,344
Listed monuments total Amsterdam 2018 7,500
Public buildings Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 148
Public buildings Amsterdam 2018 135
Defence works Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 11
Defence works Amsterdam 2018 8
Churches and cloisters Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 147
Churches and cloisters Amsterdam 2018 88
Buildings and houses Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 7,250
Buildings and houses Amsterdam 2018 6,670
Charitable institutions Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 55
Charitable institutions Amsterdam 2018 48
Agricultural buildings Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 105
Agricultural buildings Amsterdam 2018 15
Mills Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 21
Mills Amsterdam 2018 8
Road- and waterworks Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 70
Road- and waterworks Amsterdam 2018 44
Hospitality establishments Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 26
Hospitality establishments Amsterdam 2018 22
Castles Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 5
Castles Amsterdam 2018 3
Other objects Groot-Amsterdam (CR) 2018 506
Other objects Amsterdam 2018 459
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on the number of listed monuments and historic buildings in the Netherlands on 31 December of the year in question for the years 2013-2018. Provincial and municipal monuments are not included in this table. All figures in this table are based on the Dutch National Register of Monuments and Historic Buildings which is compiled by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. The regional classification is based on the municipal classification of January 1, 2018 for all years. The figures are not only broken down by type of monument, but also by part of the country, province and municipality.

Data available from: 2013-2018

Status of the figures: all figures are definite.

Changes as of November 2020:
This table has been discontinued.

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Listed monuments and historic buildings
Monuments listed in the Dutch National Register of Monuments and Historic Buildings are buildings or other objects of general (national) interest, for example, by their beauty, their scientific significance or their cultural and historical value. They are appointed by the government as a protected monument as specified in legislation on cultural heritage (Erfgoedwet).