Coal and coal products balance sheet; supply and consumption

Coal and coal products balance sheet; supply and consumption

Coal and coal products Periods Energy supply Imports, total (million kg)
Hard coal 2020 November** 581
Hard coal 2020 December** 541
Hard coal 2021 January* 694
Hard coal 2021 February* 629
Hard coal 2021 March* 754
Hard coal 2021 April* 525
Hard coal 2021 May* 468
Hard coal 2021 June* 495
Hard coal 2021 July* 825
Hard coal 2021 August* 818
Hard coal 2021 September* 649
Hard coal 2021 October* 1,039
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2020 November** 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2020 December** 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 January* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 February* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 March* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 April* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 May* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 June* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 July* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 August* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 September* 2
Lignite and BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) 2021 October* 2
Coke-oven cokes 2020 November** 3
Coke-oven cokes 2020 December** 3
Coke-oven cokes 2021 January* 9
Coke-oven cokes 2021 February* 3
Coke-oven cokes 2021 March* 4
Coke-oven cokes 2021 April* 3
Coke-oven cokes 2021 May* 7
Coke-oven cokes 2021 June* 23
Coke-oven cokes 2021 July* 8
Coke-oven cokes 2021 August* 4
Coke-oven cokes 2021 September* 3
Coke-oven cokes 2021 October* 3
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table shows the supply and the consumption of hard coal, lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) and coke-oven cokes. Supply is calculated as production plus recovered products plus imports minus exports plus net stock changes. This calculation of the supply results in the amount of hard coal, lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) and coke-oven cokes consumed. This consumption is divided into consumption by energy companies, coke oven plants, industry, iron and steel and other consumers. This table is a redesign.

Data available from: January 2015.

Status of the figures:
- figures from 2019 are definite;
- figures of 2020 are revised provisional;
- figures from January 2021 are provisional.

Changes as of 29 December 2021:
Provisional figures for October 2021 has been added.

Changes as of 17 December 2021:
Figures for 2019 have become definite. Figures for 2015 up to and including 2018 have been revised. The most relevant adaptation is a reduction of imports and exports of cokes of a few tens of millions kg annually (corresponding to approximately 2% of consumption).

Changes as of 17 September 2021:
The figures of export have been changed from 2015. The figures of export of hard coal and lignite (brown coal) are adjusted from 0 to blank, according to international guidelines of energy statistics.
A country can not export an energy driver, if there is no (indigenous) production in that country.

Changes as of 24th of December 2020:
New figures of October 2020 have been added. Because of a new method, older figures of import and export have been adjusted. Figures are slightly different. Also the method for lignite have been adjusted.

Changes as of February 28th 2019:
No changes. This table replaces the table Coal and coal product balance sheet 1990-2018. Because of revised supply figures, the former table could not be continued. It was not possible to revise the monthly, quarterly and annual figures of 2014 and earlier.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: in the second month after the month under review.
Revised provisional figures : not later than in the following December.
Definite figures: not later than in December of the second following year.

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Energy supply
The amount of energy available for consumption in the Netherlands.
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