Coal and coal products balance sheet; supply and consumption

Coal and coal products balance sheet; supply and consumption

Coal and coal products Periods Energy supply Total energy supply (million kg) Energy supply Production (million kg) Energy supply Recovered products (million kg) Energy supply Imports, total (million kg) Energy supply Of which from outside EU (million kg) Energy supply Exports (million kg) Energy supply Stocks - beginning of period (miilion kg) Energy supply Stocks - end of period (million kg) Energy supply Stock change (million kg) Statistical differences (million kg) Energy consumption Total consumption (million kg) Energy consumption Total energy companies (million kg) Energy consumption Coke-oven plants (million kg) Energy consumption Industry, total (million kg) Energy consumption Of which iron and steel (million kg) Energy consumption Total other consumers (million kg)
Hard coal 2019 August* 509 536 536 0 1,005 1,032 -27 0 509 137 236 136 136 0
Hard coal 2020 May* 446 274 273 0 1,163 991 172 0 446 119 225 102 98 0
Hard coal 2020 June* 352 487 487 0 991 1,127 -135 0 352 82 193 77 73 0
Hard coal 2020 July* 487 304 304 0 1,127 944 183 0 487 126 238 122 118 0
Hard coal 2020 August* 496 618 617 0 944 1,066 -122 0 496 147 247 103 98 0
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Table description

This table shows the supply and the consumption of hard coal, lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) and coke-oven cokes. Supply is calculated as production plus recovered products plus imports minus exports plus net stock changes. This calculation of the supply results in the amount of hard coal, lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbriketts) and coke-oven cokes consumed. This consumption is divided into consumption by energy companies, coke oven plants, industry, iron and steel and other consumers. This table is a redesign.

Data available from: January 2015.

Status of the figures:
Figures of 2015 and 2016 are definite.
Figures of 2017 are revised provisional.
Figures from January 2018 are provisional.

Changes as of October 2020:
Figures of August 2020 have been added.

Changes as of February 28th 2019:
No changes. This table replaces the table Coal and coal product balance sheet 1990-2018. Because of revised supply figures, the former table could not be continued. It was not possible to revise the monthly, quarterly and annual figures of 2014 and earlier.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: in the second month after the month under review.
Revised provisional figures : not later than in the following December.
Definite figures: not later than in December of the second following year.

Description topics

Energy supply
The amount of energy available for consumption in the Netherlands.
Total energy supply
The amount of energy available for consumption in the Netherlands (production plus recovered products plus imports and withdrawal from stocks) minus the amount which is not available for consumption (exports).
The amount of energy transformed from another energy commodity.
Recovered products
Slurries and waste-heap shale recovered by mines.
Imports, total
Imports of energy commodities.
Of which from outside EU
Imports of energy commodities coming from non-EU countries.
Exports of energy commodities.
Stocks - beginning of period
The opening amount of stocks of coal and coal products.
Stocks - end of period
The closing amount of stocks of coal and coal products.
Stock change
Changes in stock are calculated as opening stock minus closing stock, in accordance with international energy statistics guidelines. A positive figure means that stocks have decreased, and the supply of energy has thus increased. A negative figure means the opposite: an increase in stocks and a decrease in consumption.
Statistical differences
The difference between the energy sypply and energy consumption of an energy commodity.

This difference arises because the figures on supply and consumption come from different sources
For many energy commodities, the difference is allocated to supply or consumption. Then this statistical difference is nil.
Energy consumption
The amount of hard coal delivered to consumers in the Netherlands.
Total consumption
The amount of energy used by companies, households and transport in the Netherlands. Energy can be used
- for transformation into other energy commodities, this is input minus the energy produced.
- as final consumption.
Total energy companies
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply.
Coke-oven plants
Manufacture of coke oven products, like cokes and coke-oven gas.
Industry, total
Of which iron and steel
This category is made up of the categories:
241 Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
242 Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings of steel
243 Other first processing of steal
2451 Casting of iron
2452 Casting of steel
Total other consumers
This category is made up of the categories:
- Services, waste, water and repair
- Dwellings
- Agriculture
- Fishing
- Non-specified