Provincial accounts; revenues and expenditures by province

Provincial accounts; revenues and expenditures by province

Provincial tasks Regions Periods Provincial accounts in million of euros Revenues (million euros) Provincial accounts in million of euros Expenditure (million euros)
Total culture and society The Netherlands 2022* 26.0 420.7
Total culture and society Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 14.8 116.2
Total culture and society Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2.1 101.3
Total culture and society West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2.6 93.7
Total culture and society Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 6.5 109.5
Total culture and society Groningen (PV) 2022* 9.9 32.1
Total culture and society Fryslân (PV) 2022* 1.4 53.7
Total culture and society Drenthe (PV) 2022* 3.6 30.4
Total culture and society Overijssel (PV) 2022* 0.5 23.7
Total culture and society Flevoland (PV) 2022* 0.7 11.0
Total culture and society Gelderland (PV) 2022* 0.9 66.7
Total culture and society Utrecht (PV) 2022* 0.3 24.8
Total culture and society Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.2 24.1
Total culture and society Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.1 23.1
Total culture and society Zeeland (PV) 2022* 2.0 21.6
Total culture and society Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 0.7 49.6
Total culture and society Limburg (PV) 2022* 5.8 59.9
Culture The Netherlands 2022* 23.7 298.5
Culture Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 12.8 89.6
Culture Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2.1 60.1
Culture West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2.3 67.0
Culture Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 6.5 81.8
Culture Groningen (PV) 2022* 9.9 26.2
Culture Fryslân (PV) 2022* 0.9 45.3
Culture Drenthe (PV) 2022* 2.1 18.0
Culture Overijssel (PV) 2022* 0.5 17.1
Culture Flevoland (PV) 2022* 0.7 6.3
Culture Gelderland (PV) 2022* 0.9 36.7
Culture Utrecht (PV) 2022* 0.1 21.0
Culture Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.2 17.3
Culture Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.1 15.3
Culture Zeeland (PV) 2022* 2.0 13.5
Culture Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 0.7 39.0
Culture Limburg (PV) 2022* 5.8 42.7
Culture and society, other The Netherlands 2022* 0.2 23.9
Culture and society, other Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 0.0 1.2
Culture and society, other Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 0.0 13.6
Culture and society, other West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 0.2 2.9
Culture and society, other Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 0.0 6.2
Culture and society, other Groningen (PV) 2022* 0.0 1.2
Culture and society, other Fryslân (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.0
Culture and society, other Drenthe (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.0
Culture and society, other Overijssel (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.1
Culture and society, other Flevoland (PV) 2022* 0.0 2.7
Culture and society, other Gelderland (PV) 2022* 0.0 10.8
Culture and society, other Utrecht (PV) 2022* 0.2 2.1
Culture and society, other Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.0
Culture and society, other Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.0
Culture and society, other Zeeland (PV) 2022* 0.0 0.7
Culture and society, other Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 0.0 3.2
Culture and society, other Limburg (PV) 2022* 0.0 3.0
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on the expenditures and revenues per task (policy area) by province in millions of euros and in euros per inhabitant. The figures presented are based on data that is in line with the definitions and classifications used by the provinces themselves in their administration. The presented figures are based on data that adhere to the definitions and classifications that provinces themselves use in their administration. These data are supplied to Statistics Netherlands through the questionnaire called Information for Third Parties (Iv3). The directives for this questionnaire have been laid down in the Directive for Budgeting and Accounting for provinces and municipalities (BBV).

Data available from: 2017

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are provisional at the time of first publication. Upon the second publication one year later, the figures will become definitive.

Changes as of 15 December 2023:
The provisional figures for 2022 have been added.
The figures for 2021 are definite.

Province of Utrecht
When the provisional data for the reporting year 2018 were published, the province of Utrecht did not yet have an qualified auditor's report on its financial statements. Halfway 2020 however an qualified auditors report was issued. As a result the 2018 data regarding the province of Utrecht may have been adjusted so that they are now in accordance with the approved 2018 financial statements.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures from the provincial accounts are published no later than 12 months after the reporting period.
The figures can be adjusted on the basis of the availability of new or updated source material. In general, the adjustments are small. The adjustments are made the moment a new annual figure is added to the series.

Because of changes in the source material, Information for Third Parties (Iv3), the data are no longer completely comparable with data from earlier years as of the publication of the figures of the 2017 budgets. In the administration of provinces the classification of expenditures and revenues by task is sometimes revised, which could cause (small) shifts between tasks between the years 2017 and 2018.

More information on these changes can be found in paragraph 3 under 'relevant tables'.

Description topics

Provincial accounts in million of euros
Figures based on the provincial accounts shown in million of euros.
The revenues of the provincial accounts in million of euros.

The provincial revenues includes received interest, sale of land, sale of goods and services, received subsidies, transfers and taxes by provinces.
The revenues are recorded including internal settlements (including withdrawals from reserves and release of provisions).

The largest part of the provincial revenues consists of the government contribution received from the Provincial Fund and the provincial taxes received.
The expenditure of the provincial accounts in million of euros.

The provincial expenditure include wages and salaries paid, interest charges, purchase of (non) durable goods and services (including energy costs and costs of hiring staff) and paid income transfers, paid investment contributions to governments and third parties and the land purchases.
Expenses are recorded including internal settlements (including depreciation, deposits in reserves and provisions).