Owner-occupiers Housing Expenditures, costs to acquire and own, 2015=100

This table measures the price development in the transaction price of a dwelling that was purchased for own-use and the cost of all goods and services that households purchase in their role as owner occupiers of dwellings. Acquisition costs concerns the purchase of a newly built dwelling, self-built dwelling and a former rental dwelling. Costs of possesion a dwelling concerns costs of (large) maintenance and property insurance.

Data available from: 1st quarter 2010

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are one period provisional; the sub-series ‘Acquisition formally rented dwelling’ and ‘Structural costs: insurance’ are definitive directly.

Changes as of July 8th 2020:
Figures of the 1st quarter 2020 have been added and the figures of the 4th quarter 2019 as well as the figures of the year 2019 are definitive.

When will new figures be published?
New figures are published in October 2020.

Owner-occupiers Housing Expenditures, costs to acquire and own, 2015=100

Costs to acquire and own Periods Price index (2015=100)
Owner-occupiers Housing Expenditures 2020 1st quarter* 127.5
Acquisition of dwellings total 2020 1st quarter* 131.0
Acquisition of new dwellings 2020 1st quarter* 133.4
Purchase of new dwellings 2020 1st quarter* 140.6
Acquisition of self-built dwellings 2020 1st quarter* 126.2
Acquisition formally rented dwelling 2020 1st quarter* 145.4
Other acquisistion costs 2020 1st quarter* 109.6
Structural cost: total 2020 1st quarter* 114.8
Structural costs: major maintenance 2020 1st quarter* 114.1
Structural costs: insurance 2020 1st quarter* 120.6
Source: CBS.
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