Donorregistration; region 2018

Donorregistration; region 2018

Registration in donorregister Regions Periods Donorregister, fixed choice (x 1.000)
Total registered and non-registered The Netherlands 2019JJ00 15,117.6
Total registered and non-registered Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 519.3
Total registered and non-registered Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 567.3
Total registered and non-registered Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 434.0
Total registered and non-registered Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 1,005.8
Total registered and non-registered Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 354.3
Total registered and non-registered Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,815.9
Total registered and non-registered Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 1,127.2
Total registered and non-registered Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 2,494.8
Total registered and non-registered Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 3,219.1
Total registered and non-registered Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 337.3
Total registered and non-registered Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 2,239.7
Total registered and non-registered Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 1,002.8
Registered in donorregister The Netherlands 2019JJ00 6,374.0
Registered in donorregister Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 215.1
Registered in donorregister Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 236.7
Registered in donorregister Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 185.1
Registered in donorregister Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 421.1
Registered in donorregister Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 139.8
Registered in donorregister Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 788.0
Registered in donorregister Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 500.6
Registered in donorregister Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,015.5
Registered in donorregister Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,269.0
Registered in donorregister Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 143.2
Registered in donorregister Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 1,015.2
Registered in donorregister Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 444.6
Permission without donation limitations The Netherlands 2019JJ00 2,917.4
Permission without donation limitations Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 98.7
Permission without donation limitations Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 108.8
Permission without donation limitations Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 87.1
Permission without donation limitations Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 196.8
Permission without donation limitations Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 57.4
Permission without donation limitations Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 359.5
Permission without donation limitations Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 227.9
Permission without donation limitations Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 471.8
Permission without donation limitations Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 537.5
Permission without donation limitations Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 66.3
Permission without donation limitations Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 501.7
Permission without donation limitations Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 203.9
Permission with donation limitations The Netherlands 2019JJ00 781.9
Permission with donation limitations Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 29.6
Permission with donation limitations Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 30.7
Permission with donation limitations Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 22.8
Permission with donation limitations Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 54.3
Permission with donation limitations Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 16.4
Permission with donation limitations Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 99.9
Permission with donation limitations Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 69.4
Permission with donation limitations Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 127.7
Permission with donation limitations Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 149.1
Permission with donation limitations Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 15.5
Permission with donation limitations Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 120.5
Permission with donation limitations Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 46.0
No permission The Netherlands 2019JJ00 1,949.6
No permission Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 66.9
No permission Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 72.8
No permission Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 55.5
No permission Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 117.7
No permission Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 50.4
No permission Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 235.8
No permission Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 146.2
No permission Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 308.8
No permission Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 450.1
No permission Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 46.5
No permission Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 262.4
No permission Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 136.7
Decision by relatives The Netherlands 2019JJ00 624.4
Decision by relatives Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 17.1
Decision by relatives Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 20.8
Decision by relatives Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 17.0
Decision by relatives Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 45.4
Decision by relatives Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 13.2
Decision by relatives Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 79.4
Decision by relatives Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 48.8
Decision by relatives Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 91.2
Decision by relatives Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 113.3
Decision by relatives Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 12.8
Decision by relatives Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 114.5
Decision by relatives Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 51.0
Decision by designated person The Netherlands 2019JJ00 100.7
Decision by designated person Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 2.9
Decision by designated person Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 3.6
Decision by designated person Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 2.9
Decision by designated person Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 6.9
Decision by designated person Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 2.5
Decision by designated person Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 13.4
Decision by designated person Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 8.4
Decision by designated person Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 16.1
Decision by designated person Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 19.0
Decision by designated person Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 2.1
Decision by designated person Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 16.0
Decision by designated person Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 7.0
Not registered in donorregister The Netherlands 2019JJ00 8,743.6
Not registered in donorregister Groningen (PV) 2019JJ00 304.2
Not registered in donorregister Friesland (PV) 2019JJ00 330.6
Not registered in donorregister Drenthe (PV) 2019JJ00 248.9
Not registered in donorregister Overijssel (PV) 2019JJ00 584.7
Not registered in donorregister Flevoland (PV) 2019JJ00 214.5
Not registered in donorregister Gelderland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,027.9
Not registered in donorregister Utrecht (PV) 2019JJ00 626.6
Not registered in donorregister Noord-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,479.3
Not registered in donorregister Zuid-Holland (PV) 2019JJ00 1,950.1
Not registered in donorregister Zeeland (PV) 2019JJ00 194.1
Not registered in donorregister Noord-Brabant (PV) 2019JJ00 1,224.5
Not registered in donorregister Limburg (PV) 2019JJ00 558.2
Source: CBS.
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Dataset is not available.

This table includes statistics about donorregistration of the Dutch population of 12 years and older that is registered in a Dutch municipality (including the population in institutions and homes). It contains figures on region: part of country, province, COROP-area (NUTS3-region) and municipality.

Data available from: 2014

Status of the figures:
Figures in this table are definite until 2018.

Changes at May 23th 2019:
The underlying coding of classifications (Donor registration) used in this table has been adjusted.
It is now in line with the standard encoding defined by CBS.
The structure and data of the table have not been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will be available in July 2019. At that time, a new table will be published according to the revised classification of municipalities.

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