GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

Type of data Periods Additional details Final consumption expenditure Expenditure classification Households including NPISHs Consumption of goods Food, beverages and tobacco products Food products (million euros)
Current prices 2017 37,005
Current prices 2018 37,979
Current prices 2019 39,879
Current prices 2020 44,106
Current prices 2021* 44,790
Source: CBS.
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This table provides data from Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) of Statistics The Netherlands. It contains quarterly and annual data on production, expenditures, income and external economic transactions of The Netherlands.

Data available from 1995.

Status of the figures:
Annual data of the period 1995-2020 are final. Quarterly data of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 are provisional.

Changes as of May 16th 2023:
Data of the preliminary estimate on the first quarter of 2023 have been added to this table.

Adjustments as of December 23rd, 2022:
Data on the financial services indirectly measured (fisim) in the second quarter of 2022 were not correct. This impacts gdp and several underlying components in both in current prices and prices of 2015. They are adjusted in this version.

Adjustments as of October 21st, 2022:
The latest data on seasonal and working day adjusted data in the period 1999-2009 for some time series in the structure of the national net lending or net borrowing were not included in this table. In this new version, these data are included.

Adjustments as of September 23rd 2022:
Data of the final estimate of the second quarter of 2022 have been added.
The method for calculating the profits received from and paid to the rest of the world for non-financial corporations has been improved for the period from 1995 onwards. This impacts several time series in the calculation of the national net lending or net borrowing.

Adjustments as of July 1st 2022:
Quarterly data of Net operating surplus and Other subsidies on production in 2021 were not correct. They are adjusted in this version. Higher aggregates such as Total subsidies and Taxes less subsidies on production and imports have also been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
The preliminary estimate (flash estimate) of a quarter is released within 45 days. The second estimate is published after 85 days. At the second estimate of the fourth quarter, data of the previous three quarters will also be revised. If (new) annual figures become available in June, the quarterly figures will be revised again to bring them in line with the annual figures.

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Additional details
The additional details of some variables in the previous parts of this table are being given in this section.
Final consumption expenditure
Expenditure on goods or services that are used for the direct satisfaction of individual or collective needs. Expenses may be made at home or abroad, but they are always made by resident institutional units, that is households or institutions residing in the Netherlands. By definition only households, non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs) and government institutions consume. Enterprises do not: expenses they make on goods and services are thought to serve production and are therefore classified as intermediate consumption of fixed capital formation. The general government is a special case. The government also has intermediate consumption, just like enterprises. But the output delivered by the government which is not directly paid for, non-market output (like safety), is classified as consumption by the general government. It is said that the government 'consumes its own production'. The system of national accounts demands that all that is produced is also consumed (or serves as an investment). By convention, government output is consumed by the government itself. This is not the only consumption by the general government. It also contains social transfers in kind. In the Netherlands this mainly concerns health care bills paid for by the government and an allowance for the rent.
Expenditure classification
This classification focuses on the expenses for consumption goods and services. The total final consumptions is divided to sectors which actually financed the consumption expenditures.
Households including NPISHs
Consumption expenditure by households and non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs). Not all expenses made by households are seen as consumptive, households may invest as well. These investments mainly concern the purchase of houses and substantial costs on maintenance. Small costs on maintenance, indoor painting and the purchase of furniture is classified as consumption. This also applies to the purchase of cars and car maintenance.
Consumption of goods
Consumption of goods by households and NPI households.
Food, beverages and tobacco products
Food products, beverages and tobacco products
Food products
Food products