Key figures by sector; National Accounts

This table presents a number of key figures of the sector accounts. These main indicators provide the most important information on the total economy and on the main institutional sectors of the economy: non-financial corporations, financial corporations, general government, households including non-profit institutions serving households and the rest of the world.

Data available from:
Annual figures from 1995.
Quarterly figures from first quarter 1999.

Status of the figures:
The figures from 1995 up to and including 2017 are final. Data of 2018, 2019 and 2020 are provisional.

Changes as of June 24th, 2020:
Data on the first quarter of 2020 are available. Following revision policy, 2018 and 2019 data are updated, and time series of the financial account and balances are revised (annual revision).

When will new figures be published?
Annual figures: Provisional data are published 6 months after the end of the reporting year. Final data are released 18 months after the end of the reporting year.
Quarterly figures: The first quarterly estimate is available 85 days after the end of each reporting quarter. The first quarter may be revised in September, the second quarter in December. Should further quarterly information become available thereafter, the estimates for the first three quarters may be revised in March. If (new) annual figures become available in June, the quarterly figures will be revised again to bring them in line with the annual figures.

Key figures by sector; National Accounts

Periods Total domestic sectorsGross operating surplus and mixed income (million euros) Total domestic sectorsGross national income (million euros) Total domestic sectorsGross disposable national income (million euros) Financial corporationsProperty income received (% total assets) Financial corporationsProperty income paid (% total liabilities) Households including NPISHsGross operating surplus and mixed income (million euros) Households including NPISHsMixed income (million euros) Households including NPISHsGross disposable income (million euros) Households including NPISHsReal disposable income (% volume changes) Households including NPISHsAdjusted disposable income (million euros) Rest of the worldNet primary income abroad (million euros)
2020 1st quarter* 84,310 204,448 201,764 1.2 0.7 24,580 19,167 94,645 1.6 127,627 3,481
Source: CBS.
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