Existing own homes; purchase prices, price indices 2015=100

Existing own homes; purchase prices, price indices 2015=100

Periods Price index purchase prices Price index of existing own homes (2015=100)
2022 September 187.6
2022 October 186.7
2022 November 184.9
2022 December 180.6
2023 January 183.3
2023 February 180.6
2023 March 179.6
2023 April 177.7
2023 May 177.6
2023 June 178.0
2023 July 178.9
2023 August 180.0
Source: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Kadaster
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This table shows the price development of existing own homes. Aside from the price indices, Statistics Netherlands also publishes figures on the number of sold dwellings, the average purchase price, and the total sum of the purchase prices of the sold dwellings. The House Price Index of existing own homes is based on a complete registration of sales of dwellings by the Dutch Land Registry Office (Kadaster) and the (WOZ) value of all dwellings in the Netherlands. Indices can fluctuate, for example when a limited number of dwellings of a certain type is sold. In such cases we recommend using the long-term figures.
The average purchase price of existing own homes may differ from the price index of existing own homes. The change in the average purchase price, however, is not an indicator for price developments of existing own homes.

Data available from: January 1995

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are immediately definitive. The calculation of these figures is based on the number of notary transactions that are registered every month by the Dutch Land Registry Office (Kadaster). A revision of the figures is exceptional and occurs specifically if an error significantly exceeds the acceptable statistical margins. The numbers of existing owner-occupied sold homes can be recalculated by Kadaster at a later date. These figures are usually the same as the publication on Statline, but in some periods they differ. Kadaster calculates the average purchasing prices based on the most recent data. These may have changed since the first publication. Statistics Netherlands uses figures from the first publication in accordance with the revision policy described above.

Changes as of 22 September 2023:
Figures of August 2023 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will appear on October 23rd, 2023.

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Price index purchase prices
Price index of existing own homes
The price index of existing own homes shows the price movements of all existing dwellings owned by a private person which are on Dutch territory and intended for permanent residence by a private person.