Transport and storage; turnover change, index 2015=100

Transport and storage; turnover change, index 2015=100

Sector/branches (SIC 2008) Periods Turnover year-on-year change (%)
H Transportation and storage 2023* -4.0
49 Land transport 2023* 1.5
503-504 Inland water transport 2023* -7.4
521 Warehousing and storage 2023* 3.2
5221 Services for land transport 2023* 8.0
5224 Cargo handling 2023* -5.4
5229 Agents for transport and weighing 2023* -21.7
53 Postal and courier activities 2023* 2.1
532 Other postal and courier activities 2023* .
Source: CBS.
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This table presents information on the development in turnover in the sector Transport and storage (ISIC 2008 codes 49 and 53). The figures are expressed as a year-on-year mutation which expresses growth relative to the same period in the preceding year and by means of an index. In this table the base year is updated to 2015.Starting January 2024, the figures for the Transport sector are included in the table for Trade and Services. These are now published monthly."

Data available from 01-01-2023 to 31-12-2023

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Once definite figures have been published, Statistics Netherlands will only apply adjustments if significant corrections are necessary.

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Turnover year-on-year change
The change in turnover indicates the growth rate with respect to the same month of the previous year as a percentage. Statistics Netherlands calculates this on the basis of non-rounded figures.

Turnover is defined as the value of sales of goods and services to third parties, VAT excluded. Turnover includes the main activity as well as secondary activities. Third parties are consumers and enterprises not belonging to (the Dutch part of) the own group of companies.