Services producer price index (SPPI); index 2015=100

Services producer price index (SPPI); index 2015=100

CPA2008 Periods Price index (2015=100) Yearly changes (%)
62 Computer programming, consultancy.. 2022 3rd quarter** . .
620 Computer programming, consultancy. 2022 3rd quarter** . .
6202 Computer consultancy services 2022 3rd quarter** 112.6 3.6
Source: CBS.
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This table shows the price indices, quarterly and yearly changes in prices of services that companies provide. The figures are broken down by type of services according to the Classification of Products by Activity (CPA 2008). For some services, a further breakdown has been made on the basis of market data that differ from the CPA. This breakdown is indicated with a letter after the CPA code.

The prices of services relate to the following sectors of commercial services:
H Transportation and storage services
I Accommodation and food services
J Information and communication services
K Financial and insurance services
L Real estate services
M Professional, scientific and technical services
N Administrative and support services

The base year for all Services producer price indices is 2015. The year average, quarterly and yearly changes are calculated with unrounded figures.

Data available from: 4th quarter 2002.

Status of the figures:
The figures for the most recent quarter are revised provisional. These figures are made definite in the publication for the subsequent quarter.

Changes as of December 15 2022:
The revised provisional figures of the 3rd quarter 2022 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
New figures are available twice per quarter. Halfway each quarter, the results of the pricing method Model pricing (around half of the branches) are published and the other branches with the Unit value method follow at the end of the quarter. This concerns the price development of the previous quarter. The Services producer price index of the total commercial services is also calculated and published at the end of each quarter.

Watch this video for more information about the pricing methods with different publication moments. English subtitles are available (settings icon bottom right - CC - Choose English).

Description topics

Price index
The price-indice shows the average price movements of services that companies provided.
Yearly changes
Change compared with the same period previous year.
Yearly changes are calculated with unrounded figures.