Welfare of households; key figures

Welfare of households; key figures

Household characteristics Periods Number of households (x 1 000) Low-income households (%)
Private households 2020* 7,892.4 6.8
Type: Single person household 2020* 2,984.4 12.0
Type: Multi-person household 2020* 4,908.0 3.9
Type: Multi-person household, n.e.c. 2020* 150.0 4.1
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table aims to show the distribution of welfare of private households, measured by their income, expenditures and wealth.
The figures in this table are broken down to different household characteristics.

The population consists of all private households with income on January 1st of the reporting year.
In the population for the subject low-income households, both student households and households with income only for a part of the year have been excluded.

Data available from: 2011

Status of the figures:
The figures for 2011 to 2019 are final. The figures for 2020 are preliminary.

Changes as of 9 February 2022:
The preliminary figures for 2020 concerning ‘Mean expenditures’ have been added.
The topic 'Mean expenditures' only contains 5-annual data, for 2015 and 2020. The data for 2015 for this topic were still preliminary and are now final.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will be published in the fall of 2022.
New figures on expenditures are expected early 2022.

Description topics

Number of households
Number of private households with a known income on January 1st of the reporting year.

A private household is a collection of one or more people who share the same living space and provide in their own everyday needs in a private, non-commercial way.
Low-income households
Number of households having an income below the low-income threshold as a percentage of all households in a category.

The low-income threshold represents the same purchasing power for all households and is adjusted annually for price changes using the consumer price index (CPI). The level is based on the welfare benefit level for a single person in 1979.