Construction; category of purpose of new buildings, building phase, region

Construction; category of purpose of new buildings, building phase, region

Building phases Region Periods Total building costs (mln euro)
Orders received by contractors Nederland 2022* 21,583
Orders received by contractors Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 1,865
Orders received by contractors Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,340
Orders received by contractors West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 10,506
Orders received by contractors Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,872
Orders received by contractors Groningen (PV) 2022* 641
Orders received by contractors Fryslân (PV) 2022* 666
Orders received by contractors Drenthe (PV) 2022* 557
Orders received by contractors Overijssel (PV) 2022* 1,583
Orders received by contractors Flevoland (PV) 2022* 704
Orders received by contractors Gelderland (PV) 2022* 2,053
Orders received by contractors Utrecht (PV) 2022* 1,693
Orders received by contractors Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 3,080
Orders received by contractors Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 5,080
Orders received by contractors Zeeland (PV) 2022* 654
Orders received by contractors Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 3,518
Orders received by contractors Limburg (PV) 2022* 1,354
Building projects started Nederland 2022* 22,139
Building projects started Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 1,873
Building projects started Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,430
Building projects started West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 11,178
Building projects started Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,657
Building projects started Groningen (PV) 2022* 661
Building projects started Fryslân (PV) 2022* 681
Building projects started Drenthe (PV) 2022* 531
Building projects started Overijssel (PV) 2022* 1,580
Building projects started Flevoland (PV) 2022* 714
Building projects started Gelderland (PV) 2022* 2,137
Building projects started Utrecht (PV) 2022* 1,699
Building projects started Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 3,357
Building projects started Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 5,491
Building projects started Zeeland (PV) 2022* 630
Building projects started Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 3,520
Building projects started Limburg (PV) 2022* 1,138
Building projects not yet started Nederland 2022* 3,159
Building projects not yet started Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 300
Building projects not yet started Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 581
Building projects not yet started West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 1,314
Building projects not yet started Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 963
Building projects not yet started Groningen (PV) 2022* 83
Building projects not yet started Fryslân (PV) 2022* 111
Building projects not yet started Drenthe (PV) 2022* 106
Building projects not yet started Overijssel (PV) 2022* 185
Building projects not yet started Flevoland (PV) 2022* 67
Building projects not yet started Gelderland (PV) 2022* 329
Building projects not yet started Utrecht (PV) 2022* 242
Building projects not yet started Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 372
Building projects not yet started Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 589
Building projects not yet started Zeeland (PV) 2022* 111
Building projects not yet started Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 526
Building projects not yet started Limburg (PV) 2022* 437
Building projects under construction Nederland 2022* 33,717
Building projects under construction Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2,345
Building projects under construction Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 5,717
Building projects under construction West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 19,126
Building projects under construction Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 6,529
Building projects under construction Groningen (PV) 2022* 1,084
Building projects under construction Fryslân (PV) 2022* 722
Building projects under construction Drenthe (PV) 2022* 539
Building projects under construction Overijssel (PV) 2022* 1,662
Building projects under construction Flevoland (PV) 2022* 1,126
Building projects under construction Gelderland (PV) 2022* 2,929
Building projects under construction Utrecht (PV) 2022* 2,958
Building projects under construction Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 6,645
Building projects under construction Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 8,850
Building projects under construction Zeeland (PV) 2022* 673
Building projects under construction Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 5,020
Building projects under construction Limburg (PV) 2022* 1,509
Production of building projects Nederland 2022* 21,539
Production of building projects Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 1,848
Production of building projects Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,402
Production of building projects West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 10,735
Production of building projects Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 4,554
Production of building projects Groningen (PV) 2022* 696
Production of building projects Fryslân (PV) 2022* 700
Production of building projects Drenthe (PV) 2022* 451
Production of building projects Overijssel (PV) 2022* 1,347
Production of building projects Flevoland (PV) 2022* 668
Production of building projects Gelderland (PV) 2022* 2,387
Production of building projects Utrecht (PV) 2022* 1,482
Production of building projects Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 3,620
Production of building projects Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 5,004
Production of building projects Zeeland (PV) 2022* 629
Production of building projects Noord-Brabant (PV) 2022* 3,348
Production of building projects Limburg (PV) 2022* 1,206
Remaining production of buildings Nederland 2022* 17,418
Remaining production of buildings Noord-Nederland (LD) 2022* 1,160
Remaining production of buildings Oost-Nederland (LD) 2022* 2,947
Remaining production of buildings West-Nederland (LD) 2022* 9,950
Remaining production of buildings Zuid-Nederland (LD) 2022* 3,361
Remaining production of buildings Groningen (PV) 2022* 521
Remaining production of buildings Fryslân (PV) 2022* 361
Remaining production of buildings Drenthe (PV) 2022* 278
Remaining production of buildings Overijssel (PV) 2022* 911
Remaining production of buildings Flevoland (PV) 2022* 584
Remaining production of buildings Gelderland (PV) 2022* 1,452
Remaining production of buildings Utrecht (PV) 2022* 1,580
Remaining production of buildings Noord-Holland (PV) 2022* 3,236
Remaining production of buildings Zuid-Holland (PV) 2022* 4,741
Remaining production of buildings Zeeland (PV) 2022* 393
Source: CBS.
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This table shows the value (expressed in building costs) of the construction of building projects expected shortly. It also shows the value of the actually realised monthly production of building projects. The figures relate to building projects with building costs of 50 thousand euro or more. The total building costs are broken down into alteration and new buildings and in building costs by building phase by region (province, group of provinces). The costs of new buildings are broken down by category of purpose.

Data available from: January 2015.

Status of the figures:
Figures of the latest 12 months are provisional.
Municipalities with non-response are estimated. The later received response of municipalities over previous periods have been processed in the figures of the month in which the building permit was granted. As a result, figures about the same month may vary over time. Twelve months after publication the provisional figures become definite.

Changes as of February 28, 2023:
The figures of December, 4th quarter and year 2022 have been added and the figures of previous 12 months and 4 quarters may have been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures will be published approximately 2 months after the reporting month. Figures for the same report month a year earlier then become final.

Description topics

Total building costs
Sum of the building costs for alteration and new building of dwellings
and commercial and industrial building projects.