Motor fuels; deliveries by petajoule, weight and volume

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This table provides information on deliveries of motor fuels for transport and other customers in the Netherlands. Deliveries are either for consumption in the Netherlands and international road transport, which is called final consumption, or for international sea and air transport, which is traditionally called bunkering.

The table gives figure for all modes of transport and Agricultural and mobile equipment. Figures for relevant motor fuels are given by transport category. Pure biofuels for road transport are not included in this table. Blended biofuels are included in the deliveries of motor gasoline and transport diesel. Biofuels are products produced from agricultural crops.

Deliveries of motor fuels are expressed by energy (petajoules) and physical units (million kg or million kWh). Deliveries for road transport are also published in volume (million litres). This table includes figures (in petajoules) on total transport, total road transport, total water transport, total air transport and total rail transport. This is not possible for physical units, due to different units (e.g. kg and kWh) are not countable.

Since 2013, low-duty red diesel no longer sold. The customers of these red diesel, such as construction and agriculture, have since been obliged to fill the high-duty diesel also consumed by road transport. Until August 2016 was a month made a model-based estimate of the share of road transport in the use of diesel. This model-based estimation is no longer considered responsible for determining monthly figures. The difference in consumption of diesel between road transport and other consumers in the tables by month is therefore lapsed. On an annual basis, the difference in consumption of diesel between road transport and other consumers will be published in the following table: 'Energy balance sheet; supply and consumption, sector'.

Data available from:
From 1946.

Status of the figures:
All figures from 1946 to December 2017 are definite.
Figures from January 2018 onwards are provisional.

Changes as of 28 August 2020:
Provisional figures of June 2020 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: in the third month after the month under review.
Definite figures: not later than in the following December.

Motor fuels; deliveries by petajoule, weight and volume

Delivery motor fuels Periods Motor fuels in petajouleTotal deliveries (PJ) Motor fuels in petajouleWater transportTotal water transport (PJ) Motor fuels in petajouleAir transportTotal air transport (PJ) Motor fuels physical unitsRoad transport and other consumersAutomotive LPG (million kg) Road transport and other consumersMotor gasolineTotal motor gasoline (million kg) Road transport and other consumersDieselTotal diesel (million kg) Motor fuels volumeAutomotive LPG (million litres) Motor fuels volumeMotor gasolineTotal motor gasoline (million litres) Motor fuels volumeDieselTotal diesel (million litres)
Total deliveries 2019 juni* 84.4 32.7 14.7 10 347 493 18 463 590
Total deliveries 2020 februari* 87.3 39.7 11.3 9 339 484 17 452 579
Total deliveries 2020 maart* 87.2 43.4 9.3 8 288 498 15 384 596
Total deliveries 2020 april* 73.7 41.3 3.7 6 214 435 12 285 521
Total deliveries 2020 mei* 80.5 41.5 4.8 8 289 490 14 386 586
Total deliveries 2020 juni* 80.9 41.1 5.6 10 308 472 18 410 564
Source: CBS.
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