Annual rate of change HICP; The Netherlands, Euro area and Europe, 2015=100

Table description

This table includes all price index numbers calculated according to the Harmonised consumer price index (HICP) for the Netherlands, the Euro area and the European Union (EU). In all member states of the EU, these indices are compiled in a similar manner to facilitate comparison between the various EU countries.

The table also includes the harmonised consumer price index for the Euro area. This index figure reflects the average price increase/decrease in the countries which have adopted the euro as their currency. The table also includes the European consumer price index, i.e. the harmonised consumer price index for the member states of the European Union.

Data available from: January 1996.

Status of the figures:
Since 2012, the standard distinction made in HICP publications between first provisional and later final results no longer applies. This is based on a request submitted by Eurostat. HICP results are only defined as provisional ('preliminary') if - at the moment of publication - it is evident that data are incomplete, will be subject to revision in the next few months or in exceptional circumstances like the corona crisis.

In most cases, all requested information regarding consumer prices is available at Statistics Netherlands when the first results are published and later adjustments are not required. Occasionally, specific data are not available on time and the results can be adjusted at a later stage. In such cases, HICP and CPI data can be revised simultaneously, even if they had no provisional status in the preceding month. When first published, CPI data are defined as provisional and their status will become final in the following month.

Changes compared with previous version:
Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will usually be published on the first Thursday of the month, except if the first Thursday is the first, second or third day of the month or if there are public holidays prior to and on that Thursday. In that case, new figures will be published on Tuesday after the first Thursday.

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Harmonised consumer price index (HICP)
The Netherlands, HICP
Price development in relation to the harmonised index.
Euro area, MUICP
The consumer price index of the monetary union (MUICP) shows the
average price development in the member states of the Economic and Monetary Union, also called the Euro area.
European Union, EICP
The EICP shows the average price development in the member states of the European Union.The EICP that refers to the European Union.
Annual rate of change
The Netherlands, HICP
Euro area, MUICP
European Union, EICP