Consumer prices; price index 2015=100

Consumer prices; price index 2015=100

Expenditure categories Periods CPI (2015 = 100) Derived CPI (2015 = 100) Year-on-year change CPI (%) Year-on-year change Derived CPI (%)
000000 All items 2023 February 124.45 123.53 8.0 8.0
000000 All items 2023 March 124.72 123.82 4.4 4.5
000000 All items 2023 April 126.01 125.12 5.2 5.0
000000 All items 2023 May 126.26 125.37 6.1 5.8
000000 All items 2023 June 125.83 124.88 5.7 5.4
000000 All items 2023 July 127.13 125.85 4.6 3.3
000000 All items 2023 August 127.70 126.38 3.0 1.6
000000 All items 2023 September 127.16 125.85 0.2 -1.4
000000 All items 2023 October 127.73 126.42 -0.4 -2.0
000000 All items 2023 November 126.40 125.08 1.6 0.2
000000 All items 2023 December 126.45 125.13 1.2 -0.2
000000 All items 2023 126.09 124.98 3.8 3.0
000000 All items 2024 January 127.11 125.25 3.2 2.4
000000 All items 2024 February 127.95 126.07 2.8 2.1
000000 All items 2024 March 128.58 126.69 3.1 2.3
000000 All items 2024 April 129.42 127.52 2.7 1.9
000000 All items 2024 May* 129.69 127.79 2.7 1.9
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table contains figures about the price developments of a package of goods and services purchased by the average Dutch household, also known as the consumer price index (CPI). The table also includes the derived consumer price index: this price index excludes the effect of changes in the rates of product-related taxes (e.g. VAT and excise duty on alcohol and tobacco) and subsidies and consumption-related taxes (e.g. motor vehicle tax).

The table also includes the month-on-month and year-on-year changes of the CPI. Annual rate of change can be defined as the year-on-year change of total consumer expenditure. These figures are shown for 337 product groups. Furthermore, 34 combinations of product groups (special aggregates) are displayed in the table. The weighting coefficient shows how much Dutch consumers spend on each product group in relation to their total expenditure. The total weighting is 100,000.

CPI figures are published every month. In addition, an annual figure is published at the end of the year. The CPI of a calendar year is calculated as the average of the indices of the twelve months of that year.

Data available from: January 1996.

Status of the figures:
Figures of the flash estimate are published at the end of a reporting month, or shortly thereafter. At the flash estimate, annual rates of change and monthly rates of change are made available for the all items category and for a selection of special aggregates. These figures are calculated on the basis of still incomplete source data. These figures are not suitable for indexation purposes. Therefore, the publication of the flash estimate does not include indices. The rates of change of the flash estimate are characterized as provisional.

The flash estimate is followed by the first publication of all indices and rates of change for the reporting month. These figures are also provisional. The figures for that same reporting month become final one month later. Differences between the provisional and final indices are caused by source material that has become available after the provisional publication.

Changes compared with previous version:
Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

Changes as of 8 February 2024:
Starting in the reporting month of January 2024, a price change will be published for expenditure category 063000 Hospital Services. The baseline month for this new index series is December 2023. This means that the index level of 100 is the price level measured in December 2023. Previously, between 2006 and 2009, an index was published for the same expenditure category. The baseline year for that index series was 2006=100. It was discontinued after December 2009. The current series starts again from 100 in December 2023.

Changes as of 1 June 2016:
For all series new data is added for the period 1996 to January 2015.
To complete the data, the existing series that were terminated before 2015 are added to the table.

This concerns the series:
011320 Frozen fish
031100 Clothing materials
031420 Repair and hire of clothing
032200 Repair and hire of footwear
043210 Services of plumbers
043230 Maintenance of heating systems
043250 Services of carpenters
043290 Oth. maint. services for dwell.
051300 Repair of furniture etc.
053190 Other major household appliances
063000 Services of hospitals
091420 Unrecorded recording media
094240 Hire of equipment for culture
096010 Package domestic holidays
134000 Real estate tax

These series do not have base year 2015=100. 2006=100 and 2000=100 are added for these series. When another base year applies, it is mentioned explicitly in the description.

When will new figures be published?
The figures of the flash estimate are published on the last working day of the month to which the figures relate, or shortly thereafter.

The new indices are usually published between the first and second Thursday of the month following on the reporting month. The figures of the previous reporting month then become final.

All CPI publications are announced on the publication calendar.

Description topics

CPI all households refers to the 'shopping basket' of all households in
the Netherlands.
Derived CPI
The derived consumer price index excludes the effect of changes in the rates of product-related taxes (e.g. VAT and duty on alcohol and tobacco) and subsidies and consumption-related taxes (e.g. motor vehicle tax).
Year-on-year change CPI
Percentage change of the CPI compared with previous year.
Year-on-year change Derived CPI
Percentage change of the CPI Derived compared with previous year.