Waste balance, kind of waste per sector; national accounts, 2008-2012

Waste balance, kind of waste per sector; national accounts, 2008-2012

Origin-destination Periods Total waste (1000 ton)
Total private households 2008 9,331
Total private households 2010 8,989
Total private households 2012 8,434
A-U All economic activities 2008 54,042
A-U All economic activities 2010 51,466
A-U All economic activities 2012 52,346
Total Dutch economy 2008 63,373
Total Dutch economy 2010 60,455
Total Dutch economy 2012 60,780
Total from abroad 2008 18,259
Total from abroad 2010 18,538
Total from abroad 2012 19,861
Total origin 2008 81,631
Total origin 2010 78,993
Total origin 2012 80,641
Total processing of producers 2008 66,089
Total processing of producers 2010 63,159
Total processing of producers 2012 65,327
Recycling 2008 53,485
Recycling 2010 50,511
Recycling 2012 53,056
Incineration 2008 10,175
Incineration 2010 10,817
Incineration 2012 10,801
Dumping and disposal on land 2008 2,429
Dumping and disposal on land 2010 1,831
Dumping and disposal on land 2012 1,470
Total to abroad 2008 15,542
Total to abroad 2010 15,834
Total to abroad 2012 15,314
Total destination 2008 81,631
Total destination 2010 78,993
Total destination 2012 80,641
Source: CBS.
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This table contains a waste balance with information on the origin and destination of different types of solid waste. The amount of waste produced by households and different industries and imports is presented. Regarding the destination of waste a distinction is made between different ways of treatment (recycling, incineration and disposal on land) and exports. The waste accounts are suitable for analysis, for example drivers behind changes in waste indicators over time.

This table is part of the environmental accounts. Data in the environmental accounts are compiled according the concepts and definitions of the national accounts, which makes it possible to quantify the environmental effects of the economic activities for the Netherlands in a consistent manner. As a result, the figures may differ from data on the environment presented elsewhere on the website.

Data available from: 2008-2012.

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The figures in this table are final.

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None, this table is discontinued.

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The table will be continued as Waste balance, kind of waste per sector; national accounts, see chapter 3.

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Total waste
Total waste according to the classification of the European legislation concerning waste statistics in the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), 2012.