Environment costs and -expenditure; enterprises > 10 employees; key figures

Environment costs and -expenditure; enterprises > 10 employees; key figures

Periods Environmental investments by domain Waste (mln euro)
2020* 4
Source: CBS.
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This table shows key figures on the environmental investments and the financial burden on enterprises (with 10 or more employees) in the economic sectors mining and quarrying, industry and energy and water production. The term 'environment' is defined as everything outside the company's premises, including soil in that area.

Data available from: 2012

Status of the figures:
Data for 2012-2019 are definite, the 2020 data are provisional.
Following publication of definite results, the figures are only reviewed if significant adjustments are necessary.

Changes as of 16 August 2021:
Definite data are available for 2019, and provisional data for 2020 has been added.

When will new figures be published?
In the third quarter of 2022 the definite results for 2020 and the provisional results for 2021 will be available.

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Environmental investments by domain
Environmental investments divided by environmental domain.
Environmental activities to prevent or diminish waste pollution.
- facilities for storage of waste, transport and treatment of waste (in-company solutions); e.g. waste containers and vehicles;
- facilities to sort, separate, compress, waste, compost or ferment waste;
- implementation of more expensive (production)processes and suchlike.