Institutional investors; investments in property 1980-2016

Institutional investors; investments in property 1980-2016

Periods Total institutional investors Total property (mld euro)
2016* 228.2
Source: CBS.
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This table covers investments of institutional investors in property. It shows that institutional investors nowadays invest more indirectly in property by taking interests in investment funds that invest in property. Furthermore it enables analyses whether there is more or less invested in different types of direct property such as residential buildings.

Data available yearly figures from 1980 to 2016.

Status of the figures:
Figures up to 2015 are definitive, figures for 2016 are provisional.
Because this table is discontinued, figures will not be updated anymore.

Changes as of 7 September 2018:
None, this table is discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore.
The strategic alliance between Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has led to a reallocation of tasks between the two institutions. Institutional investors is now part of the dominion of DNB. Publication of tables on institutional investors by the CBS is discontinued. DNB provides the OECD with figures for its statistic Institutional investors. See paragraph 3 for links to the websites of DNB and OECD.

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Total institutional investors
Institutional investors are units that invest capital that is acquired as a result of their activities. These activities are mainly the insurance of pensions and offering private investors opportunities to invest in selected risk profiles. The population of institutional investors contains pension funds, insurance corporations and investment funds.
Institutional investors are divided into pension funds, insurance corporations and investment fundsnon-MMF investment funds. The money market funds are excluded from the investment funds.
Total property