Capital stock; national accounts 1995-2016

Capital stock; national accounts 1995-2016

Type of capital good Sectors/branches (SIC 2008) Periods Capital stock Capital stock closing balance sheet (mln euro)
Passenger cars A-U All economic activities 2016* 22,330
Passenger cars A Agriculture, forestry and fishing 2016* 208
Passenger cars B-E Industry (no construction), energy 2016* 1,300
Passenger cars B Mining and quarrying 2016* 9
Passenger cars C Manufacturing 2016* 908
Passenger cars 10-12 Manufacture of food and beverages 2016* 173
Passenger cars 13-15 Man. of textile-, leather products 2016* 20
Passenger cars 16-18 Man. wood en paper prod., printing 2016* 72
Passenger cars 19 Manufacture of coke and petroleum 2016* 1
Passenger cars 20 Manufacture of chemicals 2016* 45
Passenger cars 21 Manufacture of pharmaceuticals 2016* 6
Passenger cars 22-23 Man. plastics and constructionprod 2016* 64
Passenger cars 24-25 Man. of basic metals and -products 2016* 165
Passenger cars 26 Manufacture of electronic products 2016* 25
Passenger cars 27 Manufacture of electric equipment 2016* 13
Passenger cars 28 Manufacture of machinery n.e.c. 2016* 76
Passenger cars 29-30 Transport equipment 2016* 33
Passenger cars 31-33 Other manufacturing and repair 2016* 217
Passenger cars D Electricity and gas supply 2016* 25
Passenger cars E Water supply and waste management 2016* 358
Passenger cars F Construction 2016* 1,051
Passenger cars G-I Trade, transport, hotels, catering 2016* 4,520
Passenger cars G Wholesale and retail trade 2016* 3,286
Passenger cars H Transportation and storage 2016* 1,071
Passenger cars I Accommodation and food serving 2016* 163
Passenger cars J Information and communication 2016* 342
Passenger cars 58-60 Publishing, movie, radio and TV 2016* 29
Passenger cars 61 Telecommunications 2016* 127
Passenger cars 62-63 IT- and information services 2016* 187
Passenger cars K Financial institutions 2016* 245
Passenger cars L Renting, buying, selling real estate 2016* 154
Passenger cars M-N Business services 2016* 12,704
Passenger cars 69-71 Management, technical consultancy 2016* 1,072
Passenger cars 72 Research and development 2016* 6
Passenger cars 73-75 Advertising, design and other 2016* 141
Passenger cars N Renting and other business support 2016* 11,486
Passenger cars O-Q Government and care 2016* 1,287
Passenger cars O Public administration and services 2016* 330
Passenger cars P Education 2016* 434
Passenger cars 86 Human health activities 2016* 205
Passenger cars 87-88 Care and social work 2016* 317
Passenger cars R-U Culture, recreation, other services 2016* 518
Passenger cars R Culture, sports and recreation 2016* 254
Passenger cars S Other service activities 2016* 265
Passenger cars Non-financial corporations 2016* 19,385
Passenger cars Financial corporations 2016* 245
Passenger cars General government 2016* 426
Passenger cars Households and NPISHs 2016* 2,273
Passenger cars Households 2016* .
Passenger cars Non-profit institutions serv. households 2016* .
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table contains figures on capital stock. The capital stock of different branches and sectors is presented here. The capital stock is broken down by type of capital good.

Figures of the sectors households and non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH) are from reporting year 2013 onwards no longer separately published. Only their aggregate will be published. The reason for this change is that reliable estimates for NPISH for recent years are no longer available.

Data available from: 1995
Status of the figures:
The figures for the most recent reporting year 2016 are provisional. The status of the figures for 2015 is final.

Changes as of February 2018
None, this table has been replaced by an updated version. See paragraph 3.

Changes as from 13 July 2017:
Provisional figures on the reporting year 2016 have been added.
Using old data has led to incorrect figures for investments of the households and NPISHs for the reporting years 2001-2010. Adjusting for these errors results in different figures on investments and the statistical discrepancies. Smaller differences due to rounding occur for the capital stock opening and closing balance sheet, the depreciation and the revaluation.
Data on the years 1995-2000 have been added.

Changes as from 25 October 2016:
A number of corrections have been applied as a result of mistakes in the calculations for the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009 and 2015. These mistakes did not result in any changes in the totals for the closing balance sheet, but led to incorrect aggregations of sectors/branches or type of capital good.

Furthermore the calculation method of the volume indices have been harmonised for the capital stock and non-financial balance sheets. Moreover, the volume index will now be calculated on the basis of rounded figures. Because of these changes in method a maximum difference of 109.5 percent points occurs for series of less than 100 mln. A maximum difference of 2.1 percent points occurs for series larger than 100 mln. Volume indices of series which contain 0 mln of capital stock every year are set at 100, rather than hidden.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional data are published 6 months after the end of the reporting year. Final data are released 18 months after the end of the reporting year.
Since the end of June 2016 the release and revision policy of the national accounts have been changed. References to additional information about these changes can be found in section 3.

Description topics

Capital stock
Capital stock is defined as the value of capital goods in a SIC branch or institutional sector. Capital goods are produced material or immaterial assets used in a production process for more than one year. Examples are buildings, machinery, transport equipment and software.
Capital stock closing balance sheet
The closing balance sheet is the balance sheet on 31 December of the reporting year, measured in average prices of that particular year. The closing balance sheet equals the opening balance sheet of the next reporting year.