Deep geothermal heat and geothermal heat; extraction of heat and cold

Deep geothermal heat and geothermal heat; extraction of heat and cold

Energy commoditiesTechniques Periods Extraction of geothermal heat (TJ)
Deep geothermal heat 2020* 6,185
Shallow geothermal heat, total 2020* 5,290
Shallow geothermal heat, heat pumps 2020* 5,098
Shal geothermal heat, without heat pumps 2020* 192
Source: CBS.
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This table shows the withdrawal of heat and cold. Heat is a form of energy. The use of shallow geothermal cold avoids the consumption of electricity for cooling. Figures have been broken down into deep geothermal heat and geothermal energy with or without heat pumps.

Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy.

With deep geothermal heat, the pumped up water is sufficiently warm (approximately between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius) for direct consumption via a heat exchanger. The main application is the heating of greenhouses.

With shallow geothermal energy, the pumped water is usually not warm enough (about 10 degrees Celsius) for direct consumption. This is why heat pumps are often used to bring the temperature to a sufficiently high level.

Geothermal energy can be used both for heating and cooling. The main use of geothermal energy is the heating and cooling of office buildings.

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Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are definite up to and including 2019. Figures of 2020 are revised provisional.

Changes as of December 23rd 2021:
Provisional figures of 2020 were adjusted. Figures of shallow geothermal cold and heat without heat pumps were adjusted for 2018 and 2019. The more complete figures of 2020 were used to complement the data of these years.

Changes as of March 2021:
The explanations of 'Total geothermal energy' and 'Total shallow geothermal energy' has been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures of deep geothermal heat and shallow geothermal energy in the form of heat used through heat pumps for the previous year are published each year in June.
Definite figures of all variables for the previous year appear each year in December.

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Extraction of geothermal heat
Extraction of geothermal heat for useful use.

The amount of extracted heat is usually calculated by multiplying three numbers:
1. the temperature difference between the extracted and infiltrated water
2. the amount of pumped water
3. specific heat of water