Social Security Funds; revenue and expenditure

Social Security Funds; revenue and expenditure

Periods Revenue Social contribution (billion EUR)
2021 June** 14.8
2021 July** 6.4
2021 August** 6.3
2021 September** 6.4
2021 October** 6.5
2021 November** 6.5
2021 December** 6.2
2022 January** 8.6
2022 February** 6.0
2022 March** 7.1
2022 April* 7.9
2022 May* 9.2
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table comprises data on monthly revenue, expenditure and the social security funds balance sheet. The data are directly retrieved from the accounting administration of the relevant government institutions. The figures are presented on a cash basis, and refer to the moment of payment as the criterion for the booking. Figures presented here are not directly comparable to the publications on National Accounts.
Publication of this table meets the requirements as laid down in the Directive EU 2011/85, part of the Enhanced Economic Governance package ('Sixpack') adopted by the European Council in 2011.

Figures available from: January 2014.

Status of the figures:
Figures for April and May 2022 are provisional. Figures for 2021, January, February and March 2022 are revised provisional and figures for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 are definite.

Changes as from 30 June 2022:
Figures for May 2022 have been added.
The figures for October, November, December 2021, January, February and March 2022 are revised provisional.

When will new figures be published?
New monthly figures will be published one month after the month under review. With the publication of a new month, provisional figures of the previous month can be adjusted. The figures referring to the three months of a quarter will be revised at the end of the next quarter. Six months after the end of the year, figures will be set to 'definite'.

Description topics

Revenue of social security funds.
Social contribution
Social contribution is subdivided into households 'social contributions and employers' social contributions.
'Households' contributions are social contributions payable on their own behalf by employees, self-employed or non-employed persons to social insurance schemes. For example, non-employed persons pay social contributions levied over their social benefits.
'Employers' contributions are paid by employers to social security schemes and other employment-related social insurance schemes to secure social benefits for their employees.