Natural gas, electricity; supplies national grid to construction, services

Natural gas, electricity; supplies national grid to construction, services

Sector/branch (SIC2008) Periods Natural gas, delivered (mln m3) Electricity, delivered (mln kWh)
F Construction 2021* 100 1,014
G-I Trade, transport, hotels, catering 2021* 1,498 16,397
G Wholesale and retail trade 2021* 711 7,782
H Transportation and storage 2021* 319 5,645
I Accommodation and food serving 2021* 468 2,969
J Information and communication 2021* 41 4,876
K-L Financial services and real estate 2021* 227 2,102
K Financial institutions 2021* 114 1,123
L Renting, buying, selling real estate 2021* 113 979
M-N Business services 2021* 241 2,067
M Other specialised business services 2021* 172 1,487
N Renting and other business support 2021* 69 581
O-Q Government and care 2021* 1,193 7,466
O Public administration and services 2021* 217 2,787
P Education 2021* 307 1,457
Q Health and social work activities 2021* 669 3,223
R-U Culture, recreation, other services 2021* 370 1,752
R Culture, sports and recreation 2021* 206 1,251
S Other service activities 2021* 158 454
U Extraterritorial organisations 2021* 7 46
Source: CBS.
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This table shows figures on the supply of electricity and natural gas through the public grid to companies in the branches F-U of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2008) including the supply to industrial grids. In-house electricity production for private use only is not included in these figures.

The figures are based on data provided by the operators of the public electricity and natural gas grids in the Netherlands. All Dutch grid operators have provided relevant data.

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Status of the figures:
The status of the figures from 2010 to 2020 definite. The status of the figures over 2021 is provisional.

Changes as of October 2022:
Definite figures of 2020 and provisional figures of 2021 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
Definite figures over 2021 and provisional figures over 2022 will be published in the 3th quarter of 2023.

Description topics

Natural gas, delivered
Delivered natural gas via the public grid.

The grid of national natural gas distribution company Gas Transport Services (GTS), the grid of Zebragas and the regional distribution companies of natural gas.

Natural gas is gaseous fuel of natural origin mainly consisting of methane. This results from the same process that leads to the formation of crude oil. Natural gas is liquefied for transport over long distances by ship.
Electricity, delivered
Delivered electricity via the public grid.

The grid of national electricity distribution company TenneT and the regional distribution companies of electricity.

Electricity is a flow of electrons used to light lamps or to operate washing machines. Electrons are elementary particles in an atom with a negative charge that flow by a potential difference.