Water board finances from 1936

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This table contains figures on revenues, expenditures and debts of water boards as of the year 1936, in millions of euros . The figures have been collected from previously published tables on water board finances and have been based on annual realisation figures. The data presented were taken from the annual accounts and the balance sheets of the respective water boards, and match as closely as possible the definitions and classifications used by the water boards themselves in their administration.

Important events:
2012 – Start of the second Flood Protection Program. Water boards will contribute 81 million euros to the Flood Protection Program. This amount will grow to 181 million euros in 2015 and from then on it will be indexed annually.

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are provisional at the time of first publication. Upon the second publication one year later, the figures will become definitive.

Changes as of 15 March 2024:
The provisional figures for 2022 have been added.
The figures for 2021 have been adjusted from provisional to definite.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures from the water boards accounts are published no later than 15 months after the reporting period.
The figures can be adjusted on the basis of the availability of new or updated source material. In general, the adjustments are small. The adjustments are made the moment a new annual figure is added to the series.

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Revenues and expenditure water boards
Balance of revenues and expenditure
Balance of revenue and expenditure. A positive figure indicates a surplus, a negative figure indicates a deficit.