Investments in tangible fixed assets; business sector

Investments in tangible fixed assets; business sector

SIC 2008 Periods Investments in tangible fixed assets (million euros)
B-E Industry (no construction), energy 2022 18,850.7
F Construction 2022 4,383.1
41 Construction buildings, development 2022 1,506.8
412 Construction of buildings 2022 .
421 Construction of roads and railways 2022 .
422 Construction of utility projects 2022 .
43 Specialised construction activities 2022 2,127.5
432 Construction installation 2022 .
439 Other specialised construction 2022 .
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures relating to the investments in tangible fixed assets. The investments have been made by non-financial companies. A distinction is made between different types of fixed assets and between new or second-hand assets. The table also contains information about the disposal of tangible fixed assets.

It distinguishes between seven types of tangible fixed assets:

1. Land;
2. Corporate buildings;
3. Network / Infrastructure;
4. Means of transport;
5. Computers, hardware and peripheral equipment;
6. Machinery and installations;
7. Other tangible fixed assets.

The following are disregarded:
- Investment in stock;
- Investment in foreign locations;
- The value of enterprises that have been acquired whose operational activities are barely affected.

The figures can be broken down into the companies’ activities, according to the Standard Industrial Classification 2008 (SIC 2008).

Data available from: 2009

Status of the figures:
The figures up to and including 2022 are final.

Changes as of 5 June 2024:
The provisional figures of 2022 have been adjusted and are final now.

When will new figures be published?
Roughly a year after the end of the reporting year, the provisional investment figures will be published for the Total Investments in Tangible Fixed Assets for the mineral extraction, industry, energy provision, waterworks and waste management and construction business sectors.Definitive, more specific figures will be made available 18 months after the end of the reporting year for all the business sectors that have been examined, including the five business sectors named above.The figures may be updated if substantial adjustments become necessary.

Description topics

Investments in tangible fixed assets
Goods which are purchased or produced in-company for use as capital assets in the production process. In general, goods are included in this category if they have a useful life of more than one year (such as buildings, houses, machines, means of transportat, etc.).