Caribbean Netherlands, Bonaire: employed population; economic activity 2010

Caribbean Netherlands, Bonaire: employed population; economic activity 2010

Economic activity Periods Employed population (number)
A-U Total economic activity 2010 7,137
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing 2010 .
B-E Industry (no construction), energy 2010 591
F Construction 2010 948
G-I Trade, transport, hotels, catering 2010 2,199
J Information and communication 2010 172
K Financial institutions 2010 202
L Renting, buying, selling real estate 2010 116
M-N Business services 2010 731
O-Q Government and care 2010 1,661
R-U Culture, recreation, other services 2010 428
Unknown 2010 83
Source: CBS.
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In this table you will find figures on the employed population on Bonaire in 2010. The figures are broken down by economic activity.

Data available on 2010

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Figures are final.

Changes as of 21 October 2015:
None, this table was stopped.

When will new figures be published?
This is not applicable anymore. The Labour Force Survey is conducted on Bonaire every other year and in 2012 for the first time also on Saba and St-Eustatius. The questionnaire was changed from 2012 onwards and because of that a new series of tables on the labour force on the Caribbean Netherlands was started.

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Employed population
All people aged 15 years and older with a job or own business or people
that in the week prior to the survey had paid work for 4 hours or more.