Province; rates surcharges motor vehicle tax

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This table contains rates motor vehicle tax levied by provinces.
Owners of passenger cars and motorcycles pay an amount in addition to the motor vehicle tax in provincial surcharges. The surcharges on motor vehicle tax are collected by the tax authorities, at the same time as motor vehicle tax, and then transferred to the province. The data in the table comes from the budgets that the provinces adopt prior to the reporting year.

Data available from: 2000

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are provisional at the time of first and second publication. The figures become definitive when figures for the following year are added to the series.

Changes as of 31 March 2020:
The status of the figures for 2020 has been changed to revised provisional. The figures in the table has not been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures are published in December prior to the reporting year, revised provisional figures are posted in February of the reporting year. The figures can be adjusted on the basis of the availability of new or updated source material. In general, the adjustments are small. The adjustments are made the moment a new annual figure is added to the series.

Province; rates surcharges motor vehicle tax

Regions Periods Rate surcharge motor vehicle tax (%)
Groningen (PV) 2020 91.8
Friesland (PV) 2020 87.0
Drenthe (PV) 2020 92.0
Overijssel (PV) 2020 79.9
Flevoland (PV) 2020 80.6
Gelderland (PV) 2020 87.2
Utrecht (PV) 2020 73.6
Noord-Holland (PV) 2020 67.9
Zuid-Holland (PV) 2020 90.4
Zeeland (PV) 2020 89.1
Noord-Brabant (PV) 2020 78.0
Limburg (PV) 2020 77.9
Source: CBS.
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