Registered unemployment 1952-2014 third quarter

Registered unemployment 1952-2014 third quarter

Periods Total registered unemployed (x 1 000) Change compared to the previous year (x 1 000)
1952 January 139 .
1953 January 145 6
1954 January 101 -44
1955 January 74 -27
1989 January - 1989 March 432 -61
1990 January - 1990 March 377 -55
1991 January - 1991 March 360 -17
1992 January - 1992 March 329 -31
2012 1st quarter 250 27
2012 2nd quarter 247 42
2012 3rd quarter 250 48
2012 4th quarter 259 38
2013 1st quarter 315 65
2013 2nd quarter 327 80
2013 3rd quarter 327 77
2013 4th quarter 369 110
2014 1st quarter 391 76
2014 2nd quarter 392 65
2014 3rd quarter 372 45
Source: CBS.
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Dataset is not available.

This table contains information on the history of the registered unemployment. The figures are not adjusted for seasonal effects.
Until 1988 the time series contains monthly figures, from 1989 and onwards three-monthly averages are made under the middle month and from 2001 onwards quarterly figures.

Data available from January 1952 to 3rd quarter 2014.

Status of the figures:
Figures based on the LFS are always final

Changes as of 9 April 2015:
None, this table was stopped.

Changes as of November 20th 2014:
The figures of the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2014 were added to this table.

When will new figures be published?
This table is stopped. The update of 20 November 2014 was the last update of this table. Starting 2015 Statistics Netherlands uses the international definition for unemployment. This change is part of the strategy to be in accord with international definitions and with this to be able to make comparisons among countries and prevent confusion. The figures according to the national definition will be continued for now as was also done with the figures regarding registered unemployment at the time when Statistics Netherlands started using the national definition of unemployment. To prevent confusion because of too many definitions, the figures on registered unemployment will now be stopped. Only figures on the number of people registered at UWV Werkbedrijf will be available for now, see the link in paragraph 3.

Description topics

Total registered unemployed
Registered unemployed people include people registered with UWV
Werkbedrijf (formerly CWI or employment agency) aged 16-64 years who:
- do not have a paid job, or have a paid job of less than twelve
hours a week, and
- are available to start a job of at least twelve hours a week,
or have accepted a job of at least twelve hours a week.
Change compared to the previous year
Change in the number of registered unemployed compared to the same period
in the previous year.