Enterprises; by economic activity, size and legal form, 2006-2010

Enterprises; by economic activity, size and legal form, 2006-2010

Economic activity (NCEA 2008) Periods Total number of enterprises (number) Legal form Private legal forms (number) Legal form Public legal forms (number)
35113 Production of solar energy 2010 80 20 60
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table includes information on the number of enterprises and
institutions broken down by the National Classification of Economic
Activity 2008 (NCEA 2008, based on NACE Rev 2.0). Besides the breakdown
by NCEA, the number of enterprises is broken down by size class or legal
form. The number of enterprises is rounded by a multiple of 5. The data
refer to the situation on 1 January of the year concerned.

The number of agricultural enterprises in the Economic Demographic
Statistics (EDS) is based on the Farm structure survey. This survey
classifies main economic activities of agricultural enterprises in
accordance with the NEG system of farm size units. However, Statistics
Netherlands uses the National Classification of Economic Activity (NCEA) to
determine the branch of industry in which an enterprise is active. A
conversion table has been drawn up to go from NEG to NCEA in the EDS.
According to this table, the complete number of enterprises in one NEG
branch are included in one NCEA branch. However, some NEG branches also
comprise enterprises with activities in other NCEA branches. The number of
enterprises in those NCEA branches is then unknown.

Data available from: 2006

Status of the figures:
All data recorded in this publication are definite.

Last changes:
Data broken down by NCEA 1993 have been converted to data broken down by
NCEA 2008.

When will new figures be published?
Changes as of 20 April 2012:
This table has been stopped.
Two points in the processing of the data have changed:
- the statistical unit has been changed.
- the check on economic activity of an enterprise has been broadened. As a consequence of this, more entrepeneurs have entered the population of Dutch enterprises.
Due to these changes, the figures are no longer comparable to those of the previous years. Therefore a new table has been started from 2007 onwards.

Description topics

Total number of enterprises
The total number of enterprises is rounded on a multiple of 5.
The actual transactor in the production process characterised by
independence in decisions about the process and by providing products to
Legal form
Form of juridical registration
Private legal forms
Dutch legal entities with no legal personality: sole proprietorship,
general partnership, commandite partnership, limited liability
Public legal forms
This class includes
- Dutch legal entities with legal personality: private company, public
company, association, foundation, cooperative, mutual insurance company;
- European legal entities: European economic interest grouping,
European public limited liability company, European cooperative society;
- Foreign legal persons.