Milk supply and dairy production by dairy factories

Milk supply and dairy production by dairy factories

Periods Dairy production Butter (1 000 kg) Dairy production Cheese (1 000 kg) Dairy production Concentrated milk (1 000 kg) Dairy production Whey powder (1 000 kg)
2020 December 12,134 83,913 28,860 .
2021 January* 13,174 83,896 35,531 .
2021 February* 11,569 74,545 33,323 .
2021 March* 13,382 84,301 31,265 .
2021 April* 13,483 83,103 33,365 .
2021 May* 11,662 83,837 33,342 .
2021 June* 10,155 77,184 32,927 .
2021 July* 11,228 76,976 32,571 .
2021 August* 10,956 76,877 32,654 .
2021 September* 9,105 74,810 33,240 .
2021 October* 11,243 77,558 33,191 .
2021 November* 9,579 74,705 32,996 .
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In the Netherlands about 96 percent of all raw cow's milk from dairy farmers is delivered to dairy factories. The remaining 4 percent is kept by the dairy farmers themselves for their own use (to feed young cattle and/or manufacture dairy products). This table contains data about the volume of cow's milk delivered by dairy farmers and the products manufactured by the dairy industry in the Netherlands. The table contains monthly figures as well as yearly figures. The figures on raw cow's milk concern volume, protein content and fat content. Dairy products include butter, cheese, milk powder, concentrated milk and whey in powder or block form.

The data in this table are provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) gathers data for two series on dairy products, namely monthly statistics and yearly statistics. As the monthly figures are based on about 98 percent of all cow's milk delivered to dairy factories, a provisional adjustment is done by the Agency. This adjustment only concerns collected milk and these monthly figures are revised when the yearly figures become available.

The table does not contain figures about fresh products such as drinking milk for consumption or acidified milk products such as yoghurts.
Figures about these products are only available for the years 1995-1997.

Data available from: January 1995

Status of the figures:
The monthly figures are provisional at first publication.
Definite month and year figures are published in August/December of the following year.

Changes as of 14 January 2022:
The provisional figures of November 2021 have been added. The provisional figures of August 2021, September 2021 and October 2021 have been updated.

When will new figures be published?
Approximately six weeks after the month under review.

Description topics

Dairy production
The processing of raw cow's milk into dairy products such as butter,
processed cheese, milk powder, concentrated milk and whey by dairy
factories in the Netherlands.
NB. Provisional figures exclude, but definite figures include the products
of small dairy manufacturers.
All types of butter.
Cheese made of cow's milk only, including soft curd cheese.
Concentrated milk
Thickened milk or concentrated milk is a product obtained by partially
removing water. With or without a sugar supplement.
Milk for use in coffee is concentrated milk without a sugar supplement.
Whey powder
Whey (in powdered or block form) is a by-product of cheese making.
Whey powder is given in unprocessed form and does not include whey
powder that is low in sugar or salt. Figures about whey are only available
per year.