Consumer prices; price index 1900 = 100

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This table presents the Consumer price index (CPI) with reference year 1900 = 100. This index series is an estimation and has been constructed by multiplying the year-on-year mutations of several index series from different reference periods with the overlapping index from the previous reference period. The index shows the price change of the goods and services purchased by an average Dutch household in one year. Annual rate of change is measured as the year on-year change of the CPI, expressed as a percentage. The annual rate of change in this series may differ from the officially published annual rate of change as a result of rounding differences.

Data available from: 1900

Status of the figures:
The yearly figures are provisional when first published. Definitive figures are provided in the second version. Disparities between provisional and definitive figures must be attributed to new or updated source material that has become available.

Changes compared with previous version:
Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

When will new figures be published?
New figures are available at the beginning of the year.

Consumer prices; price index 1900 = 100

Periods Annual rate of change (%)
2019 2.6
Source: CBS.
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