Daily global market prices 2006-June2012

Daily global market prices 2006-June2012

Periods Energy APX Electricity (Euro per mWh) Energy APX Gas TTF (Euro per mWh)
2012 3rd quarter 49.45 24.71
Source: Statistics Netherlands, FD
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This table presents prices of several global markets as published daily in
the Dutch Financieel Dagblad.
On the basis of daily prices, Statistics Netherlands calculates average
monthly prices, quarterly averages and annual averages. The table is
divided into the following product groups: Agricultural products, Tropical
products, Precious metals, Metals and Energy. Exchange rates of the US
dollar, the British pound and the Japanese yen against the Euro and vice
versa are also given in this table.

Data available from: 2006

Status of the figures.
All figures presented in this table are final.

When will more recent figures be published?
Approximately 14 days after the reporting month, more recent figures will
be available for publication.

Description topics

APX Electricity
APX = Amsterdam Power Exchange, stock market of short term trade of
Published is the price of 12.00 PM.
TTF ( Title Transfer Facility) = virtual trading place for gas.