Invest. climate;human capital, labour supply internat. comparison 1990-2011

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In this table international comparisions are made of the current and the potential supply of labour and of the labour costs. The composition of the current supply of labour is represented by a breakdown of levels of education of working persons (primary, secondary and tertiary education). The level of education of the potential supply of labour is indicated by the performance of students and the proportion of unemployed persons. The level of education is an indicator for human capital allocated to production. Labour costs are expressed in costs per hour and the unit labour costs.

Comparable definitions are used to compare the figures presented internationally. The definitions sometimes differ from definitions used by Statistics Netherlands. The figures in this table could differ from Dutch figures presented elsewhere on the website of Statistics Netherlands.

Data available from 1990 up to 2011.

Status of the figures:
The external sources of these data frequently supply adjusted figures on preceding periods. These adjusted data are not mentioned as such in the table.

Changes as of 22 December 2017:
No, table is stopped.

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Invest. climate;human capital, labour supply internat. comparison 1990-2011

Countries Periods
Australia 2011
Austria 2011
Belgium 2011
Canada 2011
Czech Republic 2011
Denmark 2011
Finland 2011
France 2011
Germany 2011
Hungary 2011
Ireland 2011
Italy 2011
Japan 2011
The Netherlands 2011
Poland 2011
South Korea 2011
Spain 2011
Sweden 2011
United Kingdom 2011
United States 2011
EU-15 2011
EU-25 2011
EU-27 2011
OECD 2011
Source: CBS.
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