Consumption; 1995-September 2005

Consumption; 1995-September 2005

Goods and services Periods Consumption of households Changes consumption of households Shopping day adjusted volume ch. (%)
3600 Vehicles 2005 3rd quarter .
Source: CBS.
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Changes, indices, shares, value of consumption of households and actual
individual consumption of households by type of goods and services;
1995 – 2004, QI 1995 – QIII 2005, Jan. 1995 – Sep. 2005
Changed on December 21 2005.
Frequency: Discontinued.

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Consumption of households
The consumption of households consists of only those goods and services
that households pay for. Government expenditure is excluded. From October
2002 on the reports on consumption will focus on consumption of
Changes consumption of households
Adjusted to the National accounts 2003 and the regular Quarterly accounts.
Shopping day adjusted volume ch.
Volume changes on same period in previous year adjusted for differences
in shopping days.